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In a grand programme organized at the Constitution Club of India today i.e. on 26-11-22 (Constitution Day), a new political party – “Bahujan National Party” has been launched. It has beeb launched under the auspices of “National Campaign to Save Bahujan Movement”(NCSBM), a national level socio-political movement based on the humanistic ideology of “Bahujan Hitay-Bahujan Sukhay” has been running in the country to revive & strengthen Bahujan Movement across the country for the past more than 10 years.
We have all seen in the past few years that BSP under Mayawati has been going on continuous decline in the national politics. Even in its bastion i.e. Uttar Pradesh, it has become almost a non-entity. The people of Bahujan Samaj, across the country, are largely feeling dejected and frustrated over this systematic & planned destruction of a great socio-political movement (Bahujan Movement/BSP) by Mayawati and her family.
No surprise, people of the Bahujan Samaj (the SCs/STs/OBCs/Religious Minorities) across the country are looking for a strong, credible and national level political/electoral alternative for them. This new political party (Bahujan National Party-BNP) has been formed to fulfill the political aspirations of the people of Bahujan Samaj in these critical times and give a strong and effective political platform to revive & strengthen the Bahujan Movement across the country.
In this historic programme of the launching of a new political party led by Former BSP Rajya Sabha MP Sh Pramod Kureel. Many senior Bahujan Missionaries from many parts of the country, retired Bureaucrats, Intellectuals, Supreme Court/High Court Advocates, Social Activists etc participated in this daylong event. Amongst the dignitaries who graced the occasion, notable names are- Sh. Sompal Shastri, former Union Minister of Agriculture, S. Jagtar Singh, IRS (former Principal Commissioner-Income Tax), Sh. Ramlal Sandhu Rtd Chief Engineer (Pb), Sh K.C. Ahuja- senior Socialist leader, Sh Nagulla Yadav, Advocate Telangana High Court, Sh Suthari Lachanna (Karim Nagar-Telangana), Sh Ram Narasaiya – Retd. Principal, Hyderabad-Telangana)
Various speakers expressed their views about the current political situation and the problems being faced by the people of Bahujan Samaj and largely felt that this kind of a new political alternative was badly needed at this hour. Various speakers congartulated and thanked Sh Pramod Kureel Ex MP for taking this bold & timely step to give a real voice to the people of Bahujan Samaj in these critical times. Everyone present in this programme expressed sincere hope that under this new political platform (i.e. Bahujan National Party – BNP) a real, effective, strong, credible and most importantly “ideologically firm” political alternative would now be available at the national level.
Sh Pramod Kureel, (former MP-Rajya Sabha) and the National President of the “Bahujan National Party” outlined in detail the circumstances and current political scenario in which this new political party was launched. He said that owing to the corrupt and ideologically dishonest mindset of Mayawati, the people of Bahujan Samaj are feeling angry & frustrated. They have been feeling the urgent need of a strong political alternative at the national level to fulfill the political needs of the common masses who are standing at the crossroads today. This new political party (Bahujan National Party) has been formed after a long discussion and deep introspection about the prevailing situation in the country. He said that we have formulated a detailed strategy to make a national level impact on the national politics in the shortest possible time. All these details would be brought out in public domain very soon.
Pramod Kureel
Ex MP-Rajya Sabha)

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